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I'm an artist who specializes in narrative and sequential art... basically, I thrive on drawing ideas all the way out. Advertising, film, interactive and experiential media, and occasionally animation. My BFA is in Directing, so I understand composition and creating shots that are interesting and actually shootable.
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Sequences meant to illustrate the various storyboarding styles and previsualizations I'm capable of rendering for different kinds of media.

...But it kind of just turned into a place where I put my animated shorts.


"UNSC Propaganda" - Fan Short

A short based on the

UNSC "Cole Protocol"

A Halo fan short By Richard Rios, Music by Wan Rosalind Wong

Design credit to Microsoft / 343


Halo animated short, unsc transport escaping reach like planet from covenant invasion
Halo animated short. UNSC AI inside ship, enacting cole protocol

"MR. HANDY Mk.II" - Fan Short

Sequel! A short based on another lonely Mister Handy robot left in the wasteland.

A Fallout fan short By Richard Rios and Ronnie Senteno, Music by Wan Rosalind Wong

Design credit to Bethesda.


Mister Hany robot from Fallout, celeaning house after nuclear apocalypse.
Mister Hany robot from Fallout, wandering wasteland after nuclear apocalypse.

"MR. HANDY" - Fan Short

As rendered an animatic as they come, short of full animation.

Collab with Ronnie Senteno, art/animation by myself, music by Rosalind Wong

Design credit to Bethesda.


Mister Hany robot from Fallout, celeaning house after nuclear apocalypse.
Mister Hany robot from Fallout, celeaning house after nuclear apocalypse.

"Exorcist, Inc." - Short Film

This is a fun short film animation project I used my quarantine free time on.

Storyboards/art/animation all by myself; also that beautiful mug of the Exorcist. The IT Guy, played by Jesse Campos RIP.


Exorcist Inc. Cyberpunk sci-f short film
Exorcist, Inc. short film features the terminator and many other pop culture characters


Richard Rios storyboard art, horror scene with children
Richard Rios Live Action Storyboards.
Batman The Long Halloween Live Action car explosion on valentine's.
Boy fighting demon in water, Richard Rios storyboard art
Richard Rios Bioshock 4 Lighthouse gong from los angls to rapture. Storyboard Animatic.
Fallout corvega destroyed out in post apocalyptic los angeles.
Richard Rios Knights of the old republic storyboard sample. Republic ship, space battle.
Richard Rios Halo storyboard sample. Marine firing assault rifle.
richard rios storyboards man chef cooking with knife illustration
richard rios storyboard little girl petting dog illustration
richard rios storyboard dog eating from bowl illustration
richard rios storyboards netflix punisher promo illustration
richard rios the nun horror promo illustration
richard rios storyboard ski lift collapse illustration
richard rios storyboard fighter jet illustration
richard rios why women kill cbs promo illustration
Anchor 2
ALL 7.19.21.jpg


Brief overview of styled boards done for various brands. From sketch to fully rendered.

"Clarice" CBS - Promo

This was a promo I worked on for CBS, with Producer Alex Kurtzman and

Director Chris Byrne; and

which premiered during the Super Bowl.

A lot was dependent on weather, and it must not have cooperated.

The final version didn't resemble this at all, but that's the biz, I guess lol.

So I cut this together because I enjoyed how it came out.

Richard Rios storyboards. History channel Knightfall templar knights promo art
Hanna Amazon Prime Promo Storyboards
Richard Rios advertising storyboard. 2018 Winter Olympic Oakley Harmony Fade product commercial
Richard Rios storyboards. CNN HLN Unmaskng a killer. Dark, noir, crime scene.
isaac asimov apple tv + foundation promo storyboard art concept
Richard Rios advertising storyboard. The CW and DC comics The  Flash stretched scene, microsoft surface pro.
Richard Rios advertising storyboard. Cheetos adventure with Chester the cheetah to find a chameleon.
Disney Family Hyundai video storyboards with theHyundai Santa Fe
Richard Rios advertising storyboard. Caprisun, children playing on a see-saw.
Richard Rios advertising storyboard. Woman taking nature madevitamin supplement, running from a donut shop.
Richard Rios advertising storyboard. Canada landscapes.
Richard Rios advertising storyboards various food commercials
Anchor 3


A few projects done for video game branded content.

Call of duty vanguard storyboard art for trailer. Richard Rios concept
WWE 2K20 storyboards done for a commercial for the video game based on wwe wrestling.
PlayerUnknown's Battleground advertising and commercial storyboards for the worst gamer in the world.
Richard Rios video game storyboard. Scribblenaut showdown trailer for nintendo.
Richard Rios video game storyboard. Beyond Kombat  for Mortal Kombat X. The trainer, janator, and doctor.
Richard Rios storyboards. Watchdogs 2 promo art. Marcus Wrench Slate Josh Porsche


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